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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by saying this is in the City of Katy, isn't this whole area Katy?
Why is the area called Katy then?
That has to do with the fact that all this area is in Katy ISD and that I-10 is called the Katy freeway and that most residents have a Katy address.
If you have a Katy address and zip code doesn't that mean that you live in Katy?
Not necessarily. Having a Katy address doesn't always mean you are within the actual city limits of Katy and Houston.
Then where do I live?
Most likely you live in Houston ETJ which means that you are in an un-incorporated part of Houston that one day may be annexed by Houston.
Why can't Katy annex this area instead of Houston?
Houston has all the rights for all land that wasn't already incorporated in a city i.e. Bellaire, Sugarland, Pearland, Katy, so basically these cities are surrounded by Houston but are not governed by Houston.
What does it matter what city you're in, isn't it all the same?
It matters a great deal. For example, in the City of Katy you have police protection, fire protection, zoned ordinances, your own local government (mayor, city council, trash services, water and sewer service), and you are protected from ever being annexed into the City of Houston.
But don't I get all those same things living in Cinco Ranch or Grand Lakes?
You are not in any incorporated area and because of that, you're only serviced by county protection like constable patrols, which are not actual police officers like Katy. The fire protection is served by what is called rural fire protection. This service is provided by the county, but you have to pay extra for it on your taxes.
What about zoned land?
You have none. Zoning means that you have little, if any, say in what gets built in your immediate area. Cinco Ranch and Grand Lakes counter this by doing what is called deed restrictions, however, these only apply to land they own or have owned at one time, so they can't control what happens around them.
What about local government (mayor, city council, etc.)?
If you live in Cinco Ranch or Grand Lakes, you don't have a say in local politics, and eventually, you may be annexed by Houston, similar to what happened to Kingwood a few years ago.
If I have more questions, how can I contact WoodCreek Reserve?
You can call the Sales Consultant for Lennar, Wendall Miller, at 281-712-4212.